Monday, December 17, 2012

A Year of Cakes

When I began my 'one cake a month' adventure, I was expecting something like this
But it ended up like this...

But it's alright. They didn't turn out to be beautiful and flawless, but they tasted really good. I went into it because I wanted to bake more and that mission is accomplished. Have I become really good at it? No. But better! And I almost fulfilled the 12 cakes. February cake didn't happen, but life goes on.
The jury's still out on whether I should continue baking or find 'something else a month'. Any ideas?

The cakes:
January: lemon poppyseed cake
July: Blueberry dream cake
August: Dream cake
Images by me.


  1. I love the idea of continuing the's up to you. If you have something other in mind, let's vote! xoxo

  2. Oh I don't know Susan, but maybe 'learn one new thing a month' - 'do one thing you're afraid of a month'?

  3. I love the idea to continue to learn how to bake new cakes with you. You have my full support! Warm hug, M.

  4. Thank you Manuela. And 'God Jul og Godt Nytår!':-)

  5. My vote is for what inspires you and gives you joy Carina. No matter what, I know I will enjoy it! Sending you best wishes for a very Happy New Year Carina...may it open doors filled with creativity!
    Jeanne xx

  6. congrats! so proud of you for making all of those cakes this year! so awesome! I need to go back & look at all your recipes again. I actually just realized I haven't posted the last few months of cookies- I need to do that. the cookies were fun- I think you should attempt that for 2013! :)